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 Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED

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Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED   Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 1:50 pm

-I'd still like a critique, template was jumbled a bit, copy/paste woops o:-

Name: Micah Thomas Switch
Nickname: N/A.. unless you wanna annoy him and call him Mickey.
Age: 15
Birthday: March 18th.
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Residence: District Three
Financial Situation: Rich

Hair Color: Dark brown or black.
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'5" or so.
Weight: 127 lb.
Other Facial Features: No. Minor hairs for mustache.
Fashion Appearance: When it comes to fashion, Micah Switch is not one to care. Usually, he'll just wear a black tee and sweatpants. This is until there's a special occasion, then he dresses up in his special silver tuxedo. Micah, coming to his body, is just that. He doesn't really work out, so that would explain why he doesn't have abs or muscles. He's pretty tan, which to him, is the best thing about the outside of him. He may or may not wear fashionable beany hats when he's in a bad mood (which is so he doesn't have to look at people).

Likes: Reading, Gaming, Studying.
Dislikes: Sports, Having to sit in the lunch room alone.
Fears: Talking in Front of people.. its just like *shivers* Heights
Weaknesses: Anything that requires athletic ability, which is basically running, quick movement, any kind of attacking someone in any kind of way. Micah also doesn't do well with negotiating about.. anything really. He doesn't like talking which can be bad if you need some friends..
Strengths: His smarts, Micah is really good at taking time to comprehend things such as riddles and situations. He can also fix things pretty easily.
Personality: There is basically one word that can define Micah. Nerdy. This is because he basically sits in his room all day, playing video games (which his family can afford, and District 3 is cool enough to have), reading, or studying. But sitting in his room all day makes him a loner. He never really consults with anyone in life. Unless you find a way to crack his shell (which is extremely rare), you probably can't get any emotion out of him.

Tyson Switch (Father)
Marietta Switch (Mother)
David Switch -DECEASED- (Older Brother)
Sondra Switch (Younger Sister)
Pets: Nope. His brother had a bunny, who Sondra is takin' care of.
History: In the first two years of his life, Micah found his family to grow to five people. His mother, father, older brother, and younger sister. Yes, he was the middle child. In his young ages, 3 to 5, the boy never really interacted with his family. He sat around in his room, playing with little gizmos and toys. Micah chose never to come out of his home (besides for school, which he loved but you'll get to that later) until age ten. That's when the middle child started to realize that something was different about his two siblings. Micah always walked outside with a book to read, and he sat on his porch. But all he could hear.. was his brother and sister laughing. They had the best time in the world together, and left Micah out of it! This happened continuously until he just refused to go outside. Although his siblings' screams and laughs could even be heard in there. He just kept growing up, addicted to sitting in his room, listening to his family always leaving him out of everything. After a while, they probably wanted him to join in, but Micah never responded.

School was always Micah's favorite thing to do. Even though he was the stereotypical nerd in life, and he walked there alone, with his siblings laughing about who knows what behind him, it was the one place where he had to be talked to. Mostly for the fact a lot of his teachers like group projects. When Micah's class wasn't busy doing group projects, he was the only one sitting in the front row, front two rows, front.. well all the rows except the back three out of seven. He always finished things first, handed in tests first, got the best scores on tests. It was basically the only place Micah was superior to others.

Lunch however was one of the worst things in school. This (if you click on the link) has happened more than once in a year of school. He always sat alone in lunch, listening to the other kids laugh in his face. Laughter was something that haunted Micah's dreams each and every night he felt asleep. And there was also gym, which Micah had tried multiple to get out of. He never really had luck in gym. When he was twelve and up until now, he'd always been picked last for teams. In dodgeball, everybody went for him first. This, in his eyes, was a great thing. Besides for the fact that the dodgeballs were real and left a lot of marks, he really didn't do anything else in gym. Normally, gym was the last thing in the day, so he could just walk out of school, not having to wait for his brother and sister (like he ever would).

Every day was the same for Micah, wake up, go to school, go home from school, sit in his room s'more, get annoyed by his siblings doing idiotic Games. This was a bit different when the Reapings came. It was.. different. "David Switch" was call up to the stage. Being his brother, Micah wasn't too happy about this. David wanted him to help out Sondra.. comfort her, but that was the least he could do. He would sit in his own room, watch the games on his own little tv. Sure, there was a quite larger one in the living room, but Micah wanted to be left alone. Cannon.. a cannon boomed as they showed whose blood ran out.. who was dead. It was his brother.. David.

Micah, out of his four remaining family members, was the least to care about his death. But still, he was pretty sad about it. It meant that his family would be sobbing all day and night long, which wasn't new. But now they had a reason to cry, and Micah didn't shed one tear (probably for the fact that he didn't want to act like them.. or that he just didn't have enough of a relationship with his brother to be heartbroken about). He still never came out of his room, not even to make sure Sondra, David's best friend, was okay.

Weapon of Choice: Unknown, probably his amazing ninja gaming skills.
Angles He Is: Nerdy, Smart, Quietly Friendly
Angles He Isn't: Athletic, Outgoing, Cool.
Token: N/A
FaceClaim: Tyler Alvarez
Other: He seems like a stereotypical nerd but ehh that's me
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Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED   Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 2:12 pm

Accepted Smile)))
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Micah Switch || D3 || FINISHED
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