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 District One || Description

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District One || Description Empty
PostSubject: District One || Description   District One || Description I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 1:54 pm

District One

Nearest the capitol is the wealthiest district, district one. Here you will find jewlers and hair designers, goldsmiths and perfumers. This district is the luxury district, creating everything that isn't necessary for survival, but liked by the capitol, for the capitol. Because of this district's wealth, some of the most powerful careers are trained here for the hunger games.

This district is generally the capitol's favorite due to these to reasons. They love to see the careers conquer while on a comfy couch, playing with a ring they bought at a jewellers store with goods from district one.

They are very obedient to the capitol and would do almost anything for them. Talks of rebellion are the rarest thing you can find here. The district mayor is John Casteilia
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District One || Description
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