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 District Four || DESCRIPTION

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District Four || DESCRIPTION Empty
PostSubject: District Four || DESCRIPTION   District Four || DESCRIPTION I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 8:39 am

District Four || DESCRIPTION District_4___the_hunger_games_by_isabellaref-d4sby03
District four is the fourth closest to Panem, along with being Fourth Richest of the districts and being the last and weakest of the career districts. The landscape seems to be tropical, palm trees, sand, grass, the natural breeze and crashing waves. The Training Center seems to be located nearby the beach, maybe in case someone wants to practice swimming in case it was needed in the arena (there always seems to be traiers at the beach.). Due to it having almost sunshine all day every day, those who are outside often have a tan.

Day to Day, there always seems to be something going on within the district. Not usually anything bad, besides the occasional whipping or beating. But, the kind of something that's good and fun. Most of the time, it's the huge party of the week that nobody will stop talking about until the next one arrives. The beaches are usually packed with families, friends, or couples looking for some time together. But, overall the district is active and a very beautiful sight. The mayor of the luxurious district is Triton Waves.
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District Four || DESCRIPTION
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