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 District Two || Description

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District Two || Description Empty
PostSubject: District Two || Description   District Two || Description I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 18, 2014 11:31 am

District Two || Description Newcreate.php?text=District%20Two&name=freebooterscript
District Two is one of the most wealthiest Districts in Panem. The main export given to the Capitol is mined stone and weapons. They are treated with high-authority and they are favored most by the Capitol, thus showing how obedient to the Capitol they are. The residents live in big houses and they own a lot of valuable items. It would be very rare to be poor in District Two.

District Two is a Career District, meaning that the adolescents that are able to participate in the Games train for them as long as they can, and they eventually volunteer around the age of 18. District Two is probably the most envied of all the Districts, for their respect given to by the Capitol, and their ability to fight in the Games.
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District Two || Description
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