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 magnolia paige || district six

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PostSubject: magnolia paige || district six   magnolia paige || district six I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 2:56 pm

magnolia paige
Name: "People call me Maggie, but my name is Magnolia."
Magnolia Grace Paige

Age: "I'm a middle-aged teenager."
16 years old

BirthDate: "I share a birthday with my dad."
August 22nd

District: "I live in the transportation district."
District Six

Gender: "As you can tell, I'm a female."

Financial Status: "I think I'm in the lower part of the upper class."
Upper Class

Physical Appearance: "People always tell me that I'm sorta short for my age."
Maggie is an attractive girl in her district. Her blonde hair is always set in loose curls; if not, it is straightened. Her blue eyes have an unusual sparkle to them, and they always light up her flawless-seeming face. She has a small nose, and her lips are colored a light pink. She's shorter than most people she had been compared to; she usually goes on her tippie toes to do most things, as her height is 5'4". Maggie has a slim figure; she has tiny curves in her torso area and  she has long-ish, skinny legs. Her nails are left the way they are; a bit long, but not too long. She doesn't wear makeup at all, as her skin already glows a tiny bit in natural light. Maggie also wears contacts and/or glasses.

Style: "I like anything that's vibrant colored and really anything that matches."
Maggie has a sort of girly look. In her closet is mostly dresses, skirts, and blouses, though she has a few t-shirts and pairs of skinny jeans. She also has a collection of heels and sneakers.

Talents: "I can draw very well... Or so I think."
Maggie's skill of drawing can help her camouflage herself when needed. She's also small, which can allows her to hide pretty well. Maggie can also be dead-silent when she wants to be. She also is decently smart, so she can think logically a bit fast.

Flaws: "I am a big awkward, clumsy mess."
Although Maggie can be silent and hide very well, she is very clumsy. She trips over her feet a lot, earning some laughs from people, but she laughs with them. She has a birthmark on her left side near her waist, and she gets really insecure about it sometimes, making her get defensive. She is also a bit self-involved, and it can get pretty annoying sometimes.

Likes: "I really like to draw and I like to tease people a bit."
Maggie learned to love drawing at a young age while designing blue prints for her father's shop. She also likes to play around a lot and have fun with her friends, that is, before they "got too busy" for her or they died in the Games. She also likes people who can fool around with her and joke around.

Dislikes: "I am deathly afraid of bugs."
Maggie is not fond of bugs at all, except for maybe butterflies or ladybugs. Since Maggie also likes to fool around, she does not like serious people telling her what to do. She doesn't like bossy people, either.

Personality: "I guess I can be outgoing."
Maggie is a very spontaneous person. She is a fun person to be around, and she loves to be around people like herself. She isn't exactly preppy, but she is a bit in that manner. She can be playful a lot, especially when messing around with her friends. Maggie is the kind of girl that loves to smile. She thinks it's the best accessory that someone can wear. She is very amusing and she likes to make people laugh. Even though she is a bit self-absorbed, she still cares about people that are close to her. She likes to work around things and procrastinate sometimes, but she ends up doing a pretty good job on things.

Mother: "Mom was my best friend before she... left."
Maggie's mother, Alanna, was a lot like her daughter. She gave her daughter her blonde locks and her short stature. Alanna was quiet most of the time, though she knew how to have a laugh. She was very caring towards her daughter, along with her family also. Alanna died when Maggie was 12, unfortunately it was the first year Maggie was valid for the Reapings.
Father: "I love my dad a lot. He's like my rock."
Maggie's father, Rob, has been very involved in Maggie's life. He and Alanna had gotten married at a young age and had Maggie. Rob has been very caring towards his wife and daughter. Then a few years later, him and Alanna got together and had another child, though this time it was a boy. When Alanna died, along with their son, all Rob had was Maggie to comfort him.
Siblings: "I miss my little bro."
Maggie had an eight year old brother named Carson. They had a casual brother-sister relationship; they occasionally bickered and had fights but they still loved each other. When Carson and Alanna got into a train wreck, Maggie was heartbroken to learn that her mom and her brother had gotten killed.

Pets: "I don't have any pets, but I always wanted a dog."

Brief History: "Sadly, there was a lot of sudden tragedies in my family."
Maggie had a very good childhood for the most part, as both of her parents loved each other and their kids. She enjoyed working in the shops as a blue print artist in her father's auto shop, which she occasionally still works at in her free time. She loved her parents and her brother Carson a lot, but when her mother and Carson had gotten into a train wreck, her world fell to pieces. She became sort of anti-social, though her friends had still comforted her when she needed it. Though, she was torn when her only friends had died in the Games. She wasn't as torn as her mother and brother's deaths, though. She decided to stick by her dad and support him through the tough time.

Sexuality: "I'd prefer boys over girls."

Faceclaim: "People say I look like an actress from a while ago."
Dove Cameron


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PostSubject: Re: magnolia paige || district six   magnolia paige || district six I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 19, 2014 3:00 pm

Accepted, but please make sure the WC for each of the main 3 sections fits the criteria, some feel short D:
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magnolia paige || district six
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