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 Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED

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PostSubject: Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED   Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 12:31 am

Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED Tumblr_m7ntj0gq0m1rshbdv
Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED ZZFxXwh
Name: Falcon Wright
Age: Seventeen
Birth Date: November 14th
District: Six
Gender: Male
Financial Status: Middle Class, leaning towards the lower

Physical Appearance: Falcon, his name was so weird yet reflected him perfectly. His eyes have the glare that makes people weirded out when they hear the name, because they replicate a Falcon's eyes almost perfectly. His eyes seem to be a dark brown often during the year, but his eyes are blue. A blue that boils into your eyes when he's serious, and you can tell. His smile is a dashing white, and can almost win any girl (or guy) over... Almost. Whenever he smiles he always has this awkward thing about his appearance, hair, eyes, maybe a pimple, it happens all the time and gets really annoying. His light, chocolate brown hair is swept
Style: No Prediction

Talents: Creating a Moving Object, Can Speak French, and has a Keen Eye (can point out things very easily)
Flaws: He is very loud, and could probably attract the tributes almost anywhere in the games. Along with that, he can be quite the snob at times (causing him to annoy possible allies easily, and get himself killed off)
Likes: Parties, Spring, Cars, Nature, and the Sky
Dislikes: Goodie-Goodies, Fish, Indoors, and Winter

Personality: Falcon is kind of your normal kid from district 6, but than again he's not. Confused? Yeah, kinda guessed so. Anyways, due to working in the factories most of his late childhood and teen years he has grown the talent of creating a actual moving object. Not like, a wheel of some sort.. An actual thing, well, not really. He can only make Bikes and Scooters, but he still could ride around the arena in them. He speaks french, as he has some French Heritage and can spot things out very easily. But, Falcon can be rude and loud also causing him to be an easy threat in the arena. Anyways, besides all that useless information...

He is a party animal, and actually loves cars because he has his father's in remembrance of him. Growing up, he had always had this thing for the outdoors because they reminded him of his family. Falcon always visited his parent's grave site and stood there, staring at the gravestones as if they weren't real and are fake... But they are real, he's been barely living with his siblings alone in their home for years and he's recognized it by now.

Family: His Twin Eagle, and younger sister Emily

Pets: None

Brief History: Falcon's life hasn't been very eventful, but here's your basic run-down on it.. He was born last of the him and his brother, people had always commented on their names and how much they seemed alike which didn't represent their personality's like every other pair of twins on this planet. But, they still had a good life as children. At the age of four, the newest child was brought into the family... Emily, she was more shy, and quiet to herself so Falcon never really grew a relationship with her. Life dragged on, nothing much happened until he was six. His parents had gone out to drink, and they still weren't awake by the morning (It was a saturday morning). Falcon had assumed they were in a major coma, and popped his head into their room to see if they were there... They weren't. Confused, he looked all around the house for them and weren't there. Walking back to his room quietly, not wanting to wake up Emily and have her freaking out he nudged Eagle in the shoulder...
*flashback moment*

Eagle was having a good dream, it was about school (the average dream for him) and what it'd be like if he were in the richer districts. But, he felt a could touch on his shoulder that snapped him back to life, at first he was sleepy and grumbled out a tired and weak "What?" as he turned his head towards what he registered as his brother. For a second, his brother seemed lost into his eyes so Eagle waved his hand to catch his attention.
Falcon quickly rolled his eyes at how long it was taking Eagle to wake up, but it was average for the boy since he loved sleep. "What?" He heard as Eagle turned his head towards him, for a second Falcon stared at his face.. Creeped out by the fact how much he looked alike to his brother but snapped back into life as his brother waved a hand to catch his attention.
"Wait, what? Oh, the reason I woke you up. You know how mom and dad went out to eat last night, right?" Falcon asked his brother, after Eagle nodded he continued on with the problem.
"They are still not home." He said, looking at his brother with a worried face.

They're still not home. The words rung through his head, it was impossible... Falcon was messing with him, right? He knew Falcon was a joker, but he never looked this worried before.. "Are you sure?" He asked quickly, "More sure than ever" his brother responded just as quick as Eagle asked him. Worried, he looked around and sure enough they weren't home. He stepped into him and his brother's room, asking Falcon "What are we going to do about Emily?". But, he spoke too soon. The cute, childish feminine voice was heard behind him. "Whut abwout meh?"

Emily woke up in her bright pink room to the sound of her brudders or mommy and daddy scrambling around in the house, and poked her head out. She didn't see her parents, but heard her brothers talking quietly about something that they obviously didn't want her to hear. As she approached quietly, she giggled. It felt like hide and seek with daddy, but he wasn't awake yet which Emily found weird. "What are we going to do about Emily" The little girl had heard when she got to their door, and she walked in. "Whut abwout meh?"

They ended up telling her, and she cried and cried. But, you know the rest basically. (A peacekeeper shows up telling them they had died in a car crash) They lived life on normally, but they worked to keep the house. Life has gone by smooth for a while after everything came up to a close and nothing important (or he hoped) would get in his way soon.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Faceclaim: Grant Gustin

Color: cccc33

gif hunts

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PostSubject: Re: Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED   Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 15, 2014 8:05 am

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Falcon Wright | District Six | FINISHED
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