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 Advertising! || Affliating

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PostSubject: Advertising! || Affliating   Advertising! || Affliating I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 13, 2014 11:47 am

Advertising! || Affliating Newcreate.php?text=Advertising%21&name=HOLLYWOU

I'm pretty sure we all know what advertising is! Someone can come onto the site, advertise their website, and help it become more and more popular!

However.. there is much more to our process of advertising..

Advertising! || Affliating Newcreate.php?text=Affiliating%21&name=HOLLYWOU

Basically, what this means is that if you want to advertise on our website, we must be able to advertise back! Pretty simple, right? Razz

Advertising! || Affliating Newcreate.php?text=The%20List&name=HOLLYWOU

The list below shows all the websites advertised already! If you'd like to advertise, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, make it in a seperate topic in our advertising forum! You don't have to keep making new topics for advertisements, so just keep posting with updates day after day!

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Advertising! || Affliating
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